SPEAR™ Leadership Coaching


We customize the SPEAR™ to you or leadership team for business owners and non-profit leaders. All leaders need tools to maximize their effectiveness. We help guide you to your greater success.


A team divided will fall. We teach your team SPEAR™ while maximizing each individual’s strengths and personal style. We help guide your team to a greater success.


If you’re just starting out, our group SPEAR™ coaching allows you to grow with other business owners in a shared learning environment. Achieve your greater success with others just like you.

Spearity™ Accountability App

The online Spearity™ app is a big time differentiator. All clients are trained on the SPEAR™ strategic improvement process to keep them focused on the important tasks while managing the not-so-important tasks.

Business Growth

“Darren helped my partner divide and conquer. We weren’t really sure what we should focus on or what to do. Now we’ve grown from to over 20 and growing. We truly appreciate what we’ve learned.”

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Starting a Business

“I knew that photography would be my life. What I didn’t know was how to run the business. Darren helped me focus on sales and grow the business to something much greater that I anticipated.”

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