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We develop strategies and tools to help you pursue a greater success.

Management Consulting

The SPEAR™ system helps leaders optimize organizational effectiveness.

Motivational Speaking

Darren enjoys bringing the laughs, but learning something in the process.

Corporate Training

Training doesn’t have to be boring. Let us help you SPEAR™ your educational needs.

Spearity™ App

Put the tools into action using the online strategic confidence Spearity™ App.

Strategic, engaging, and informative training services.

Let us facilitate your training

We help business owners grow.

Learn how we helped Shamrock Building Inspection Consultants grow from “mom and pop” to scalable business.

1. SMART Goal Setting

We helped Shamrock establish clear objectives to know what Deb and Tom wanted to accomplish.

2. Strategic Plan

Our strategic process helped Shamrock develop the steps and resources necessary to achieve the goals.

3. Team Execution

We worked with Shamrock hand-in-hand to ensure we would rise and fall together. That’s the Darren Fisher Consulting difference.

Strategic Training with Results


Boring doesn’t work. Engaging does.


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Darren’s Speaking Topics

SPEAR™ Strategic Thinking

Understanding how anyone can learn to think strategically.

The Confidence Quadrant™

Understanding how to improve performance by how we handle success and failure.

SPEAR™ Leadership Development

Understanding how great leaders are developed not born.

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